Release Items

If your vehicle has been impounded without consent you will need the following in order to establish ownership and pick up your vehicle or any belongings once you arrive at our facility:

  • Proof of Ownership - Vehicle title, Vehicle Registration, or Notarized Bill of Sale. (Insurance will not prove you have ownership)
  • Valid Driver's License or Government Issued Photo Identification Card (passport, military ID, state issued ID card)
  • A driver who has a Valid Driver's License (in the event the owner does not). Vehicles will not leave our lot without an authorized driver.
  • In the event a "HOLD" has been placed upon your vehicle you will need to obtain a release from that agency before the vehicle can be released.
  • Current Insurance Verification (Not required to get personal property only)

Where is my Vehicle?

Oklahoma DPS Wrecker authority has created a website for you to determine where your vehicle was towed, you can click here to access it. If AARC Towing & Recovery has your vehicle it will be stored at our facility at 204 Rogers Ave, Poteau, OK 74953 for the first thirty days and may be placed in long term storage after that. Failure to retrieve a vehicle within 30 days of impound date could result in the loss of your vehicle as provided for in Title 42 and Title 47 of Oklahoma law.

Additional Information:

Vehicles are released during regular business hours or after hours by calling ahead. Vehicles released, or accessed outside of normal business hours incur a $1 per minute fee from the time we leave our house until we return. Typically this is $45. This must be paid at time of release.

Due to recent changes in the law we ony accept CASH for impounded vehicles. This is non-negotiable. (Effective 11/1/2015)

I can't prove Ownership, what do I do?

If the owner of the vehicle is not accessible in order to facilitate the release you may use this form. Please note that form must have his or her notarized signature on the bottom and your name in print in the middle.
(The jail or hospital will normally notarize this for you if the owner is unable to leave)
If you otherwise cannot locate the title or registration you can get the VIN or License Plate number and take it to any Oklahoma authorized tag agency and retrieve a copy. They charge for their services outside of our fee. We do not have access to Oklahoma ownership records electronically.