Consent Towing

We provide rapid response and dependable towing for our customers 24/7, 365 days a year. We can tow anything from your 4 wheeler, motorcycle, up to your medium duty vehicle. Our rates are the most reasonable for our area starting at $75 for a light duty tow (Anything smaller than a 1 ton) and $125 for a medium duty tow (1 ton up to 14,000 lbs). We do not charge mileage, rather a zone rate for local towing.

Motor Clubs

We provide rapid response and dependable service to many motor clubs. In order to take advantage of this you must call the motor club themselves, it is not something we can do for you. We accept all major motor clubs except AAA. In the event you need immediate service check with your club, most offer reimbursements for towing services so you can skip the middle man!

Roadside Assistance

We provide many routine roadside assistance options in addition to towing. For example:

  • Tire Changes (You must have a spare and any special lug nut locking tools available) - Starts at $50
  • Unlocks (We retrieve the keys locked inside your vehicle. - Starts at $40
  • Jump Starts
  • Winching (Up to 5' from the road is typically charged as a tow, any further starts at $90 an hour)


We are very well trained in the art of recovery with all of our trucks and have access to a multitude of equipment to facilitate it safe and efficiently. Recovery rates are the same as Non Consent rates, set by the state of Oklahoma and/or Arkansas.

Equipment Hauling

We are not limited to just towing, recovery, and roadside service! If you need a piece of equipment, farm implement, or other equipment hauled just let us know. If it fits safely on our trucks we are ready to help at a moment's notice!

Long Haul Transport

We have regular routes between Poteau and Tulsa whereas we can facilitate transport towing. This type of towing is unique as in it requires forethought and planning. Since the runs are always happening we can usually cut you significant discounts based on where we pick up from and deliver to within our route. Please call for details!